We are a husband and wife team, Ray & Kathy Hall. We have been in the ministry for 49 years and during this time we have traveled as evangelists, Ray has served as pastor of churches in Texas, Louisiana and Virginia.  We have also served in churches in the music ministry.

We began singing as a family group in October 2004 and in September 2005 we released our first CD project titled Without A Valley.  In June of 2008 we released our second CD Project Journey of Faith.  In April of 2015 we released
a Piano Solo CD, Amazing Grace, featuring Ray's version of Old Hymns. We have had the privilege of holding concerts in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina.  

On November 17, 2006 we were faced with the news that Ray had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and in Stage 4.  Everything we had scheduled had to be canceled with him facing a second surgery and Chemo every 21 days for six months.  On the 14th of December he began his first round of Chemo.  We serve an awesome God.  In April of 2007 we were given the news that the lymphoma was no longer active and we were able to spend 17 days on the road in July doing concerts in Louisiana and Texas.  Ray went for a six month check up in October 2012 and we were informed that there were 4 spots in his chest that had enlarged. When we finished a 16 day tour in Louisiana, Texas and Florida, we came back to have the biopsy done. We got the news back on Monday night, November 12th and there was no cancer. Went to the oncologist on Thursday, August 20, 2015 and still cancer free. Ray has gone for yearly check-ups and is still cancer free today, 2019.  In February 2019, Ray underwent a triple bypass, followed by Cardiac rehab until end of June.  We have had to endure  a lot of 
medical situations with Ray this year (2020). We are now waiting for the out come of several test to be completed and the results. Be much in prayer for us as we will receive the news on the 25th of November. Ray is faced again with cancer and is now under going 40 treatments of Radiation.  He is doing fairly well with little side effects.  

We left Portsmouth, VA on Easter Weekend of this year and are now living in   Dyersburg, TN.  

Ray plays the piano and sings lead most of the time but also helps out with the harmony when I am singing the lead part.  I play the bass guitar, tenor sax, clarinet and the piano on occasion.  I sing soprano, alto and harmony. Our daughter & granddaughter are no longer with us. 

Our prayer is that when we present our programs, the message in the songs and our testimonies will bring a healing touch to someone in need. 

"Multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of decisions: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decisions." Joel 3:14

If you are interested in having The Ray Hall Family come and minister
to your church or event feel free to contact us at the phone numbers
listed below or email us and we will get back with you.  An informational
pack will be sent upon request. 

Ray's Cell  757-620-4756
Kathy's Cell  757-620-8343

Email: rkhall70@yahoo.com

Home Address:
5932 Millsfield Hwy
Dyersburg, TN 38024